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We deliver thousands of tracks to radio each year and have over ten years experience doing so.

We get your track to the right recipients, and into all the systems you need it to be in.


Proven reliability. We are used by major and independent artists around the world. 

We have a network of highly valuable relationships and a driving passion for music.

We make sure your music looks and sounds perfect, wherever people listen to it.

We have a number of tailored delivery packages. There is no reason for radio programmers not to hear your music.

Recipients can access your track for three to six months. There is no chance of it getting lost.

We provide you with reports listing the radio show and station playing your music as well as who has accessed the track for review.



With over ten years experience getting artists singles into the hands of radio presenters around the world, the Checked Label Services Radio Delivery System is a quick and efficient service with prices starting from under $100.00. With thousands of deliveries every year, we have become a trusted service used by major and independent labels, and independent artists, from all corners of the globe.

We make it easy.


Music promotion is a complex process, and distribution is a key part of it. It has to be easy and smooth. Our service is backed up by a team ready to walk you through the whole process - giving you more time for everything else. Our helpful experts lay out your release for maximum effectiveness and work with you to choose who to notify, when. After launch we provide data to drive the rest of your promotional activity.

Looking for content?


New to the Checked Label Services Radio Delivery System and a radio professional or music industry insider?


Request access to join one of Australia's largest music communities to receive the latest music tailored for you at no charge.

Right audience.


Getting your music to the right people, in the system they trust, ensures your promotional efforts pay off. Thousands of industry insiders rely on the Checked Label Services Radio Delivery System every day, looking for the next great track!


Our team of list managers maintain comprehensive lists of radio contacts, press, bloggers, influencers and industry insiders. We allow you to reach the decision makers that need to hear your music - not just anyone or everyone.

Weekly reports.


Maximize your promotional efforts with detailed data on how recipients engage with your distribution.


Know who has listened to it, before you make the call.