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Let us deliver your music video to some of the most important video destinations globally.

Send your music video to our extensive list of national outlets, video pools and syndicated shows for potential placement.


Have your own Vevo music video channel created, your music video uploaded, and your video pitched for Vevo playlists globally.

You maintain 100% of your rights at all times.

Upload to iTunes for sale under your artist catalogue, and streaming on Apple Music.

We help monetize your music video and protect your rights.

Send you music video to our industry contacts for potential TV airplay and playlist placement globally.

We have a dedicated team working hard to get your music video on global video playlists.


Once you’ve spent the time and money to create a great music video, it is important to send it out into the world. The whole point is to make sure that as many people as possible watch your video, after all it was created to help you promote your music.

Uploading your video to YouTube is great, but there are many more sites and playlists that you can also use to maximize your audience. Through video distribution, your video will become available on many more platforms.

Global coverage, reliable delivery.


Checked Label Services distributes to nearly 200 territories worldwide and to many key visual platforms.

Our team of experts reviews and checks every music video that we distribute so you know your video is in good hands.

The visual providers know we have a curated roster delivering consistent high quality content.

Asset management


Meticulous about video asset management we use our best in class label copy and asset management system to securely store internationally compliant product metadata, label copy data, video, ISRCs and EANs (or UPCs).


A single, safe digital data resource instantly shareable with video distribution and project partners. We also register your music videos with relevant societies to ensure you receive associated income.

We work for artists.


No one knows your music better than you. That’s why our whole service revolves around you. It’s our role to support your career and help you reach your full potential, because if you do not succeed, neither do we.

Few artists are just ‘in it for the money’. But no artist can survive without. That’s why we are so insistent on maximizing every revenue earning opportunity from digital right through to publishing.

Get paid!

Neighbouring rights are a form of copyright linked to commercially released recordings and music videos. When a video is played on TV or satellite station a royalty, or remuneration as it is called in the neighbouring rights world, is due to the owner of the master recording (typically a record label) and the performing artist. Performing artists includes singers, instrumentalists and, if they play on the track, studio producers.