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Get played then get paid, globally. Your catalogue is managed with maximum reach and maximum impact.

Our agreements give you more control over your work, and your future. No minimum deliveries and no lock in contracts.


Earn more money faster. Thanks to a technology based approach, clients enjoy quicker payments, and on average, 30% to 40% more.

Connect with other great songwriters for unique global co-writing opportunities.

Find opportunities for your music. Our team covers every key market worldwide. 

World class creative service. The strength of a major, the passion and commitment of an indie.

A world of music available to licence from our one-stop international licensing hub.

ProKlaim technology, integrated with YouTube, ensures that we find and claim missing content for our artists and songwriters. The result: more money, faster.


You want your songs to fulfill their potential. Artistically and commercially. So do we. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the biggest brands in the business, globally. A creative and administration service designed to leave no opportunity missed and every revenue opportunity secured. We believe the heart of a publishing operation is a world-class administration team - a combination of deep international experience, an obsession for detail and advanced technology. Our commitment to service applies not just to writers and artists, but to music users too. We aim to be the most responsive, most innovative licensor of music rights in the business.

Kobalt Music Publishing.


In partnership with Kobalt Music Publishing, our teams work releases to find mutual placement opportunities and have a strong track record procuring music across advertising, TV shows, films, trailers, games and other mediums. The team work across borders to find the right partners for your music and to maximize your sync income. With Kobalt’s online portal, we can view real time updates on sync requests for works and follow the licensing process from the initial quote to payment and completion of the sync.

Keep Control. Stay Independent.


Thanks to the partnered technology-based approach to royalty collections, creators enjoy quicker payments, and, on average, 30-40% more. Our flexible contracts give you more control over your work, and your future. With no commitment to deliver a minimum number of songs and no lock-in, you’re free to make the artistic choices that are right for you.

Perfect For Songwriters.


Our creative services team work closely with select groups of songwriters to help them develop their career. They provide dedicated people who aggressively pitch their songs for other artists to cover, secure collaborations with other songwriters, and present them with leads and briefs for upcoming projects. Our creative team also support our songwriters in artist development and make introductions to key A&R execs, managers, producers, and more. Our proactive, experienced team across 25 countries match artists and writers with the right partners, worldwide.

Remain Covered. Everywhere.


Gain access to Kobalt’s unique integration with YouTube to significantly increase the speed and accuracy in which we find and claim missing content for our artists and writers. For example, a hit song today influences up to 80,000 user-generated YouTube videos, many of which remain undetected and unpaid … Do not let your material become one of those statistics.