We search every corner of the globe to find more of your money. Every penny adds up. We work with global experts and collect everywhere, reducing the links in the chain and increasing revenue.


Never miss a beat. Get your music to the people who matter in radio, press, TV, film, and beyond. We have a number of tailored delivery packages. There is no reason for radio programmers not to hear your music.


Own your songs. Stop waiting for revenue. No strings attached. Gain flexibility, freedom and control. No minimum deliveries. Connect with other writers for unique co-writing   opportunities.


No upfront fees. Keep 100% of your rights. Over 200 different digital stores and services around the world. No lock in contracts, playlist pitching included. Sales deposited every month. 


Let us deliver your music video to some of the most important video destinations globally. We have a dedicated team working hard to get your music video on global video playlists.




CD's. Vinyl. DVD's. Merchandise. Have your products available to retail's biggest chains as well as hundreds of independent stores globally.

Make our services work for you. Whether you're an artist, songwriter, musician or label, our full range of services offer a modern alternative to the traditional music industry. We take care of the administrative details, leaving you free to concentrate on what matters most - your music. Successfully release your music without giving up ownership and control. We're a home for independent artists built from the ground up that provides a fair and rewarding space for creators around the world. Our music services offer a viable alternative to the traditional industry model. With thousands of releases and close to one hundred thousand publishing and neighboring rights works, we are trusted by some of the music industry’s most well-known names.

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